We help all Home Owners, to sell their property with confidence. We make sure you get the most value and money for your Home!

We help Buyers to get their Dream Home!

We know how valuable is the house for you.

At the moment you take a decision to put a FOR SALE sign in your lawn you expect the most amount of money for your property. You want to have it SOLD, but there are so many fears deep inside you, that makes you fragile and nervous while getting a Real Estate Salesperson to represent you during this process.
In your mind there are more than 1,000 thoughts, just imagining all what you need to do when you decide to sale your property: packing, cleaning, maintaining the property impeccable for the showings during the time-sale period, looking for a new place and where to go, getting detached of your Sanctuary-Home and the doubts about the price and how fast you want to sale your property!

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We Walk The Extramile For You!

Meanwhile you receive tons of flyers, calendars, door hangers, etc., and in all of them, the main creed is that they are best ones to have your house sold for the top dollar. They may not be lying, but it distracts you from those who can walk an extra mile for you!
I see you very confused when they tell their story about how successful is the name of the brokerage, how many agents they have in the international market and so on…You don’t know what to do and who to hire!.
There will be a moment you may take a decision thinking it is the best one, and at the end of the term you can’t handle the regrets anymore by thinking that there is something wrong with your property. That is not true! You need somebody REALLY knowledgeable to work with you.
But remember one thing: The Brokerage is not the best just because they advertise it the most. No! The most important matter when you get a Real Estate Sales Representative is not just the name of their brokerage…The most important is THE PERSON who you are dealing with…
Not in Vague, “oh I get it” but I ,seriously, have being where you are or might be. It happened to me when I put my house for sale in the market. What a journey! I had the most stressful time because I was not served in the right manner, and at that moment I didn’t have the knowledge that you may be able to access today!
Because of this experience, with a lot of deceiving facts, frustrations and bad behaviors, I decided to be a Licensed Real Estate Broker to be able to represent my clients the way I would like to be represented…I have a heart like you do have.
I am actually educated in that stuff…all related to Real Estate. I may know, right? I feel very strongly about been educated and holding a Bachelor Degree in Architecture, Diploma In Marketing, and so on, is a big asset that benefits you…I am not just a random who comes and sign the contract with you throw it in the MLS system and Goodbye Charlie!
I say this not for you to feel I am bragging or telling you that I am one of the top, NO, NO.. I mention this only for you to understand the background I have, to add value, to getting your house sold.
If I have a possible buyer asking for architectural, construction matters, maybe possibilities to renovate, some renovation costs, structural stuff in your property, etc. I am very confident I can answer their concerns right on the spot which can lead the buyer to getting rid of the fears, leading him to a faster decision or motivation to put and offer in your property.
If we talk about marketing, you know marketing is the key tool we use to make your house visible and appealing to potential buyers!
We have a cutting-edge and innovative marketing package with the list of marketing activities to market better the property and promote it in all the media channels, with the new trends and technology platforms, used in our changing world.

With more than 12 Years of Experience with proven results and understanding the indirect evidence of completing a Real Estate Transaction.
We know the changes of the sector and the Real Estate Practice is in huge need to recall all the legacy of doing business and performing the client’s mandates to accomplish all the Client’s Expectations.
During the 12 Years of practice we have been learning what is the most important for the clients, their fears and expectations, so now we are here to give back to them all what is implied in the service we provide, with the highest standards, where you “the client” and your “property”, is first than anything!. You get the what is called the transferable experience, which you can benefit from.
We have an extensive database that can secure your sale faster than other brokerages and my Real Estate Sale expertise is combined with Residential, Commercial and Land Development, we have sold properties in different areas of GTA that have provided to our practice, a deeper knowledge in the Real Estate Market, than being dedicated to a neighbourhood with 500 or1,000 homes…all the same, almost same class and about the same psychographic profile.

We know you never will regret taking this experience with us! Get much more we have to offer to you during our interview.

We want your business, YES!... So we want to help you! We are your Real Estate Services Resource for all your Real Estate matters For your Family
Your friends And when you are 120% satisfied with our service provided during the process of getting your home SOLD at the best price possible and faster you can imagine, Please refer them to us! WE are here to help!
The most important transferable benefits to you, along with the experience and knowledge, is that our Service is performed with Love, Dedication, Care and transparency!
We count with an extensive database to market your property to potential buyers and we use a multi-channel system, a results-driven marketing strategy to market your property.

Why working with us

  • We have a formula to get more money for your property. (Only to be discussed during our interview)
  • More than 12 years of experience in the Canadian Real Estate Market
  • Sold all kind of properties commercial, residential and land development.
  • With our UNIQUE BUYER SYSTEM, when we bring a Buyer to you, he will be prequalified, fully informed and prepared to be able to put a more secure offer in your property.
  • We work with Mortgage Brokers to help you with a bridge mortgage so you don’t lose your actual interest rates when buying a property after selling.
  • We have a list of lawyers, Home Inspectors, Moving Companies, Landscapers, painters, Home stagers, renovation companies, and cleaning companies, for you to choose if you want to work with them
  • We negotiate your best higher price
  • We give you a special access to an internet page to maintain yourself informed with proprietary listings in your area-neighbourhood and with the market behavior related to your property, for you to track your sale.
  • More service attitude that makes the Buyer to work with us, resulting in getting your house sold faster than you imagine.
  • There are more benefits for you that will be disclosed during our meeting. This is our Unique Service to get your House Sold!

We know what the Buyers look at so we can assess your property to showcase it and get a higher price for the property.


We work with BUYERS to get your house SOLD. We know the Buyers compels and drives to deciding which property to buy. We know how to assess your property to get it sold, and avoid the property be seated in the market for so long, creating an idea, to possible buyers, that something is wrong with your house.
We are on top of their behavior so, marketing specialization is key in the sale process. Our marketing program exposes your house to potential Buyers. One of the programs we use to promote your property is paid advertising in different search engines and Social media, at $0 for you!.
We have created a UNIQUE formula to advertise your property, that will be discussed with you at the moment you decide to put your house in the market!
Please call us as soon as you are thinking in putting the house for sale in the market, so you will get all our guides to prepare the house for sale and we can manicure all the advertising pieces to be ready to spread the voice out for the sale of the property.


  • We know they shop in the market by Internet first.
  • They spend the time touring the areas and properties before asking for a showing.
  • Compare similar properties
  • Ask us to select the Best Value Available.
  • They expect us to help them in the analysis to make the purchase decision.
We also offer to you:
  • Good communication.
  • Reliable experience.
  • Strong local market knowledge.
  • Positive reviews.
  • Personal rapport.
  • The best service and sale experience!

The most important is that we put all our love and care in what we do. Allow yourself to experience the difference of the service and values! If you feel we can benefit from our program and services,

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