Sometimes, without you knowing, your farm land can be attractive to our GROUP OF INVESTORS, which have bought, privately, properties I had in the market, for large amount of money. We assess the property and appraise it, with our expertise and knowledge, to leverage your asking sale price and get more money for your property.
Our commercial division operate from the knowledge that every client has a specific need, challenge and criteria. Each property, investor and business sector are unique.
At MSIERRA REALTY GROUP INC., Brokerage, providing industry-leading service and Knowledge acquired with the SOLD properties, we are driven, entrepreneurial, and committed to finding dynamic new ways to maximise exposure for your properties, using the new marketing venues to reach out the best potential buyers with proven results and success for our clients.
You benefit from the marketing package, a cutting-edge concept, and high level of presentation we have developed to introduce the properties to potential buyers, with the information suitable to their needs, which has enhanced the value perception of the properties we have presented and sold.

  • Vacant Lands/ Land Development-Development sites/House Land
  • Commercial Properties
  • Industrial/manufacturing/warehousing/Mechanic
  • Condo-units
  • Office buildings
  • Rental commercial and industrial-Commercial Plazas


We help to Sellers, Buyers, and Renters to provide the best return on Investment to clients looking to Sell, Buy or Lease out properties.
Our commercial division is here also to assist the clients in identifying properties for purchase or lease that are the most suitable for the client’s situation and goals.
We Taylor the service to your needs with customized solutions, rather than a one-size-fits-all approach, delivering comprehensive services for investors looking to buy, sell or lease commercial real estate and are experienced with all asset types including office, industrial, retail, multifamily, land development and land banking.
Take advantage of additional services

  • Property appraisal and development potential of your property, before putting it for sale in the market, to maximise your sale price.
  • Extensive PRIVATE Buyer/Clients and GROUP OF INVESTORS database to deliver faster sale results.



  • Architectural background as a Bachelor Degree in Architecture, Master’s Degree in Marketing applied to the Construction Sector.
  • Extensive experience in the residential, land development and commercial Real Estate.
  • Sold Development lands for home subdivisions and condo sites, Land investment, Custom Homes, Residential Properties, Condominiums
  • Extensive experience in dealing with the City or Township By-Laws-Building Code, to be able to assess your property at best, to make it more valuable with our marketing expertise and the way we promote the property.
  • Customized database to market your property to potential buyers and we use a multichannel system, a results-driven marketing strategy to market your property.
  • The most important is that we put all our love and care in what we do.

Allow yourself to experience the difference of the service, values and money! If you feel we can fulfil your expectations, we are here.

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