We are always looking for lands!
We have the Buyers.

Sellers selling your farm house and downsizing

You can do the all move with us. Downsizing is a process we know can be challenging!. Getting detached of your life memories. Oh Wow!
We help you to run the race, making it easier for you in all means. We have lots of services to walk you through with less pain and hassle, easing the process and making you feel secure.
If you have a farm house, we are connected with a big buyers database: Our “HOUSE -FARM LOVERS” are always asking me for country side properties, whom enjoy the beauty and connection with nature, the freedom and tranquility of the outdoor and country living and feel the pleasure of an open space, free of noise, for the family friends and pets. So take advantage of our Buyer’s database that want your land, and get the best price for it.
Sometimes, without you knowing, your farm land can be attractive to our GROUP OF INVESTORS, which have bought, privately, properties I had in the market, for large amount of money. We assess the property before putting it in the market.

  • We can work EXCLUSIVELY to get the buyer without putting the property in the MLS
  • Our company have a large data-base to connect you with buyers and investors with a way to explore different financing options that fit very specific needs, and structure transactions in a win-win relationship, helping with a tax shelter that reduces the tax costs maximize tax benefits.
  • We research the properties and analyze the actual market, study deeply all the ways to assess the potential of the property, applying the knowledge about the City/Township By-laws and Building Code, along with a “Analysis tool kit” you have the resources as a decision maker, to setting the best and highest price for the sale of your property, so YOU NEVER UNDER SALE Your property with us!!!
  • We connect you directly with our buyer’s database, with whom we have made large transactions already and buy acreage properties, condominium sites, development lands.
  • As a Buyer you can take advantage of the best market practices to get a mortgage for the property you want to buy