We are the resource for you with more BUYING FREE Benefits.
We have an STRATEGY for your needs…You know each BUYER has different NEEDS and WANTS.

We help Buyers to get their Dream Home!

We help Buyers to get their Dream Home!

I know how insecure you feel at the beginning of the process. All the uncertainty and fears passing by your mind, while trying to decide what kind of house to buy, the final price, stretching your pockets, all the paperwork with the banks, thinking in moving and so on… We know How is this process, but believe me! You are with us, WE GUIDE YOU giving you all the advice and facts for you to take the best decision with enough information.
We have a method-template to compare the properties, to let you know all the facts, so you can play all the best cards you have on your table, and take the best one for you, regarding the circumstances.
Client management is our big corner stone, you are safe, because we can give you all the tools to succeed in one of your dreams of buying your home. I tell you, when you buy your home with confidence, with the “Tool kit” we will walk you through, you will keep it for your next move, so you gain a lot of knowledge to benefit from, as well your family.
We know that buying a home is challenging, but is not just going to internet and check what you like. We have a system that is going to help you to take an informed decision, so you will have no regrets!.
There our expertise, service, honesty, transparency and care really takes place. This is call in marketing the “True Moment”, which is, when you really experience it!
Talking about purchase price, oh! I tell you: A good Buyer's agent should be able to negotiate the best lower price for you so you need to be represented by a Real Estate person who is honest, trustworthy, assertive, and excellent negotiator.
We might tell you that we are always available by phone or e-mail, or that we are a good communicator. I might indicate you that we are friendly and able to maintain the sense of humor under trying circumstances—and there will be some.
It all comes down to the characteristics and qualifications that you value most and that you will benefit with

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As a Boutique Brokerage, our client is the most valuable asset.

We are here to help you accomplishing the goals : “ Your Dream Home”. Free of stress and deceiving.
Touring the properties you are interested on, with more service attitude, makes the Seller to work with us then we can firm the deal to get your home purchased !


Our Affiliates are your own resource, so it is your choice.

  • You will be the 1st person seeing properties that are just listed for you to move fast!, and get the home you want.
  • We have more than 12 years of experience in the Canadian Real estate Market.
  • You have the first- hand “just Listed” information about the Real Estate Market in the area you are interested in buying a property, for you to make a move and get the best home or price.
  • Successfully negotiated, Sold, all kind of properties commercial, residential and land development.
  • You can use Services-Database for different Mortgage Brokers we work with, to getting you pre-qualified for the best interest rates in the financial market
  • We have a list of lawyers, Home Inspectors, Moving Companies, Landscapers, painters, etc. for you to choose if you want to work with them.
  • We negotiate your best Purchase Price.
  • Our Affiliates are your own resource, so it is your choice.

Our Affiliates are your own resource, so it is your choice.
We will instruct you with the key points to ask when you meet them. We will instruct you about the Title Insurance for your property to avoid fraud.
I want to let you know that we don’t benefit, by any means, by referring you to them. We never get a referral fee. All is transferable to you, if any.
You might guess that the VIP service provided to you is very expensive. Well, the good news is, we can represent you throughout the entire home buying process at NO COST to you. It’s true!. The home-Seller pays a buyer agent’s fee at closing. So you can benefit from our time, experience, and expertise without paying a dime. It’s no wonder 90% of buyers choose to purchase their home with the help of an agent.
More than this, we always try to save you more than $10,000 when you buy a property, plus, by saving this money, you pay less Land Transfer Tax. We may have other money saving possibilities, which should be disclosed to you before putting an offer in a property.

We offer more to you:

  • Unique In-house prepared template to inspect the properties you are interested in, before putting an offer.
  • Excellent negotiations skill which plays a big role at the moment of presenting your offer.
  • Knowledge about the mechanicals and structure of the house.
  • Capability to translate to you all the Inspection Report and assessment after the report to avoid purchase mistakes in the future.
  • Good communication.
  • Reliable experience.
  • Strong local market knowledge.
  • Positive reviews.
  • Personal rapport.

Our work ethic and transparency leads you to the best home purchase decision. You can count and relay on us, with confidence.
You always will be there for you, once you decide to buy your property! We accompany you all the way until we are able to send the “Celebration Basket” once you move to your Home!
We will never give up until you are find your DREAM HOME! We have more to offer.

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