At “MSIERRA REALTY GROUP INC. BORKERAGE” “Care” is our believe by walking the extra mile for you as a client.
Going beyond expectations, the promise is to accompany you during the selling or buying journey, throughout all your needs and wants along the road map, to get your property SOLD and for More Money as possible!


We enhance all the services we provide for our CLIENTS and perform their mandate with full DEDICATION, SERVICE ATTITUDE and MODEST BEHAVIOUR , to be able to “Walk the Extra Mile” for our clients.
Our mission is to leave an experience in the client’s lives with a high mark in their hearts just for retrieving the old values stating that there are still people to trust!


We are a company centered in the Legacy of Values: Care, Service, Transparency and Love to perform our job, to contribute to the world and the changing market to build trust in our practice,
to make “the Person-Client” the center of our service and to leave a “seed” of REAL values for our next generation, clients and families, striving for a better social life, a healthy environment and to retrieve into our society, families and kids, the real experience of WE CAN TRUST AGAIN!, leaving a legacy for the challenging world’s needs, just by the way we provide the real estate services, with the integrity in all we do, in the daily life.