About Maria Sierra

President Broker of Record

We help all clients with RESIDENTIAL properties COMMERCIAL, LANDS WITH DEVELOPMENT POTENTIAL AND FARM LANDS, to Sell or Buy their property with confidence.

We have extensive experience in the GTA market, in all Residential, Commercial-Industrial and land development resulting in a wide-ranging knowledge about the market, with an extensive database of clients that you can take advantage from.

With the assurance that all the steps to get the property sold are taken into consideration and manicured just for your particular case, I take all the appropriate steps necessary to get your property sold. With our team of experts, we are able to strategize uniquely and market the property in all the best areas and new technologies in order to achieve sales results.

We are experts in public relations! We believe in what we do! We strive for perfection! We achieve results! We work for you!

By knowing all the unpleasant moments that many of property owners like you have been going through, because some deceiving experiences in the past, we have dedicated our time to research with clients about how to add value in our service, we have found out about your needs and wants, for the purpose of selling or buying your property.

We have discovered that being loyal, transparent and that assisting you in all the steps needed to have a delightful and successful results, it is compulsory for us, to work for you, with all our heart and enthusiasm, with the best of our knowledge, professionalism and service, for you to experience the difference in the services provided.

Caring about you, understanding how valuable are your “Real Estate Assets” as well your “Home-Sanctuary”, knowing how important is for you to trust, feel secure and confident with the company or person representing you, it is a decisive matter for us when helping you achieving your goal, being it for selling or buying real estate.

You own our values, they are transferable to you in all what we do when getting the job done for you!

At “MSIERRA REALTY GROUP INC. BROKERAGE”, a Boutique Brokerage, that customizes all the services to your needs, you are our FIRST and UNIQUE priority.

You are part of our Mission and Vision, the same way a farmer plants a seed in the field, you will be the one harvesting from all those principles, while making a difference in the world, when you receive an extraordinary service, getting your house sold or getting your dream home, which will reflect in happiness for all your family and friends, enjoying the bestselling-ultimate results, when you give us the opportunity to perform your mandate, feeling grateful for a successful selling or buying.